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One of the top predator in the food chain, that has a strong environmental adaptability, unyielding spirit, and concerted cooperate spirit: the wolf, is the symbol of our brand. Its endless enterprising and exploration spirits are deeply integrated into our company’s culture.

After more than 20 years, we are still on the quest of perfection through scientific research. We broke through the limitations of conventional tires and launched “spray type, self-sealing” leak-proof tire in a higher level. It can significantly reduce the car accidents caused by flat tire, add safeguard to drivers’ safety, and prevent property damages. As our persistent efforts on protecting human’s life, the Farride safety tire is arising at the historic moment!.

The responsibility of Farride tire is to conduct the business with with  excellent professional ethics. The Company will not tolerate any non-compliance. A clear mission shared responsibility, each employee should fulfill their duties bravely assumed responsibility,and this is the basis for our decision-making. We encourage our business partners, distributors and other stakeholders to follow the same high ethical standards.

"Our team is wise, loyalty, teamwork, has never been tame and indomitable will like an aristocratic descent wolf team! Our team are devoting to create the most famous brand of tire of the world !

                                                              ----By CEO Xiong guo wu
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