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Henan Farride Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. is a large and high-tech industrial company with integration of rubber chemical scientific research, rubber products production, processing, trade, as well as the e-commerce platform containing big data of supply and demand in automotive aftermarket.

Brilliant team includes: Guowu Xiong, an entrepreneur insists on being honest and brave; dedicates to build the top one national brand in tire industry, is the juridical person and president of Henan Farride Rubber Technology Co., Ltd, China Farride Rubber Technology Co., Ltd and China Farride Rubber (Beijing) Trade Co., Ltd. Zhihong Chen, a leading magnate in rubber industry, former leader of China tire expert group, and deputy chief engineer of China Rubber Industry Association, has been dedicated to do research for more than ten years. Under their guidance, the team made a significant breakthrough in the field of “spray type, self-sealing” leak-proof tire. Farride has obtained 17 utility model patents and 9 invention patents from the General Administration of Intellectual Property. Company turns the scientific research into productivity and dedicates to provide high quality products to the society. Its technology has been assessed by the Ministry of Science and Technology as the advanced level of the world. The company has won a series of honors, such as "science and technology innovation," "Discovery, 2017, excellent achievements in safety tire technology innovation," "world record certificate," etc. The project has been successfully brought into China's “13th Five-Year Plan” and is committed to becoming a new standard in tire industry.

Utility Model Patents

Certificate For China Compulsory Product Certification


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